About Us - GuideLine.live

There are literally trillions of pages on internet and millions of new pages are created every single day. Now just imagine you want to search piece of information from this huge, huge stack related to your query of interest. Without doubt it is like finding a needle in haystack. Such is an information overload in today’s world. In past decade when internet was a new, people use to manage information in form of directories. Alike pieces of information were put together under same heading. A searcher had to look for the desired info manually. But these are the times when even search engines are getting clogged due to the same.

We put machines to our use to do the job and same was done here in this domain. People use to write sophisticated search codes. Put what we lack here is ingenuity that machines have a hard time to adopt. What we are trying to manifest is that ideally it is that we want a human being to search for us but at super human speed. In near past it was almost impossible. Obviously machines can’t impersonate human skill - they can’t learn. They can only do what they hard instructed (hard coded) to do. They can’t evolve of change their code; just as humans do by learning.

But now with the advent of artificial intelligence, that impossible has now become possible. Artificial intelligence is not now; they hardware required for its execution is. Now with AI we can teach the machine characteristics that can be evolved based on our preferences. Now they can scour through miles of data to find the most relevant (and therefore helpful) piece of information from whole of the web, while keeping human-like-traits, but not the speed; rather with super human speed. At Guideline.live we tend to do the same. We find out the most helpful information against your search query. Please try and do tell us how we are doing and what we can improve by contacting us